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About PMHI


Adam RemmichMy name is Adam Remmich.  Growing up on a farm and helping with the family apartment business sparked my interest in real estate management, maintenance, and repair.  Throughout high school and college, I continued to expand my knowledge and involvement in the apartment business.  After graduating college I was ready to commit all of my time to the management and maintenance of 26 rental units.  In 2005 I purchased my first apartment building.  Since then my wife and I have expanded our rentals to 32 units.  I continue to provide repair services to several other properties and businesses in Norfolk.  With the sheer volume of property and responsibilities I am fully immersed in every aspect of property management and repair.

I share these details to show the scale of involvement in the real estate business and hands-on experience in property maintenance, management, construction, and repairs.  I have over 13 years of real-life experience dealing with construction, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, painting, roofing, insulation, appliance repair, and more.  I have inspected all sizes and styles of homes ranging from a 500 sq ft Modular home to a 7,000 sq ft custom home with outbuildings.  I thoroughly enjoy the relationships, challenges, and rewards that come with years of experience in this field.

I would like to put this experience and knowledge to work for you.


PMHI offers testing for Radon, Mold, Air Quality, Lead, and Asbestos.  To provide the highest level of testing and experience in the hazardous materials field, I have partnered with Charles J. Schlomer (ESI).  Charles has over 15 years experience in the asbestos abatement and remediation industry.

Peace of Mind Home Inspections offers In Depth, Honest, and Affordable home inspections.

The logo at the bottom of this page will take you to the website for the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  I invite you to click on the logo and look at their website; you'll find out exactly what it means to be a certified home inspector.



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