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Here's what some of my customer's have to say...


From Becca T.:

We really appreciated the detailed walk through Adam provided at the end of his inspection. Nothing was overlooked. He noticed all of the things that we had wondered about and many more. He even checked out our appliances! We were very pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection and the fact that he would be available to us down the road if we had questions or if we needed help obtaining a quote for repairs! Above and beyond!



From Sharon S.

WOW -- What a report, pictures and all.  I am impressed.  Thank you for your time and such good work.


From Robert P.   Rating: 10

Very thorough report, and great communication! Found even the smallest issues, with detailed descriptions,locations, and photos. The tools that come with it are great; the ability to make a list is an added bonus. Would definitly recommend Adam to anyone needed a home inspection.


From Darren H

I have now bought eight houses in my life.  Not a lot of houses... But certainly I have had several home inspections done before.  Your home inspection was by far the most complete... the most thorough... the most professional home inspection I have ever had.  I really appreciate the professional report which assisted me in making an educated decision.


From G. H.

Adam at Peace of Mind Home Inspections did a very thorough and complete home inspection for us as we considered our latest purchase.  The detailed report along with the pictures of each item and feature of the house made his observations and comments clear and easy to understand.  I highly recommend his services.  Plus, I encourage you to be sure to discuss the report with him and benefit from his extensive knowledge of the issues that can effect the value of your potential purchase.


From: Steve P    Rating: 10

Adam showed a great deal of knowledge and experience of inspecting homes. He explained his findings and recommended potential solutions and/or problems that might arise with the issues. The interests of Adam is clearly with the buyer. With being a first time home buyer, Adam explained what could happened 5, 10, or 20 years down the road if left unfixed. I would highly recommend Adam for any home inspection.


From Daisy A. (Repeat Customer)

Thanks for your thorough home inspection once again!


From Jordon S.

Rating: 10 Adam did a great job with the inspection. He personally called and discussed the major issues on the report immediately  after the inspection was complete.  I really liked how the report was organized and also was a big fan of using the report electronically to make a list of the needed repairs to send to the seller. Overall a great experience.


From Janelle F.

 Peace of Mind Home Inspection did our inspection then walked us through the inside of the house and outside the house explaining everything that had been found, good and bad. We are first time home-buyers, so we had lots of questions, and Adam had answers  for all of them. He was very knowledgeable in every aspect of the home inspection. He made good suggestions and recommended other businesses who could help with repairs. His report was thorough but not overwhelming, and he emailed it to us the next day (pictures included). We were very pleased with the experience overall.


From Gene G.

Thanks for the home inspection and the report - I felt that you did a great job with the inspection along with all your photos and comments.  This will be very helpful for our repair needs.


From: Rick B.       Rating: 10

First off thank you for getting us into your schedule so quickly. You report is very detailed and organized. Very easy to process. The time you took to go over things and explain them is much appreciated. Again, thank you we will highly recommend you.


From Chris B.:

Adam's inspection was complete, thorough, and accurate.  We were present when he inspected the property we were considering buying, and he took the time to explain all of the components of the report with us as he took notes.  The written report was clear and concise, and identified potential problems with an assessment of the need for repairs.  He even came back for a second inspection when we identified some potential problems that were hidden on the first inspection.


From: D.B    Rating: 10

Adam was very thorough in his report. He has also been available to talk to post inspection. As a first time home buyer this whole process has been very nerve racking, but my inspection has helped ease my mind.

From Jared G.

I would just like to thank you again for doing the inspection.  I know I didn't ask you to do anything with the plumbing but I would like to thank you for your honesty with giving me a heads up with some of those issues that you found.


From: T.B.    Rating: 10
Adam was very thorough with the home inspection and gave so many details and pictures to describe anything he found in the home. I would recommend him to anyone I know.

From Lisa

Thank you - I was extremely impressed at your knowledge and ability to explain your findings, as well as point out possible solutions for some of the problems.


From Kysa U

Your report is very professional and easy to understand and I will be happy to share that with your future customers.  I think your rates are very fair, and you covered everything I was concerned about.

Thanks again for all your help.


From Kory & Angi

Thank you for your very complete home inspection.  We did receive your very thorough report.  We appreciate your expertise and knowledge in all areas of the home.  Also, thank you so much for taking the time to walk through the house with us.  It made such a huge difference for us, being first time home buyers, to be able to see and understand the issues as well as praises that our potential future home held.  We will definitely use you for future home inspections we may need, as well as sing your praises to anyone that  needs home inspection services.  You really did give us "Peace of Mind" knowing what we were getting into!

Thanks again!


From Elizabeth J

Thank you very much!  This was a very thorough inspection for which I am incredibly grateful.  Thank you for all your effort in this.


From Jarod W.     Rating: 10

Adam did a great job with the inspection. He personally called and discussed the major issues on the report immediately after the inspection was complete. I really liked how the report was organized and also was a big fan of using the report electronically to make a list of the needed repairs to send to the seller. Overall a great experience.


From Sharon S.

I have received and read the report.  Again, you have not failed me.  Thank you for such a complete report.


From Toby K.

Adam, I did receive your email with the inspection report and summary.  I am very pleased with the professional results you gave me.  It was a very well illustrated and detailed report, great pictures and easy to follow.  Also thanks for your quick reply back!  I am glad I chose you.  I was very impressed!  I will recommend you to anyone. 

Thanks so much, Toby

From Ron R.

          Thank you for the prompt and professional detailed report.  This is what we were looking for and will be very helpful.

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